10 Cheap Survival Items You Can Buy At The Dollar Store

10 Cheap Survival Items You Can Buy At The Dollar Store

How Much Water Is Enough?

We frequently underestimate the proper quantities of water that we require in order to sustain life while bugging out. Granted, we can establish a specific limit on the number of gallons of water each person needs daily, but try and put yourself in an actual situation and see how well you fair.

Can Your Family Survive a Natural Disaster?

Ever year on every continent, disaster strikes. It might be a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire or a whole list of natural disasters. No one thinks it will happen to them, but if it happens to you and your family, do you know how to survive? This is a big question, and the answer could mean the difference between life and death.

How To Become A Search and Rescue Team Member

Find out what Search and Rescue is all about and how to get involved. Most SAR professionals are volunteers, but you can train for a specialized career in the field of helping people in trouble in the back country.

Take National Preparedness Month Seriously

Beat the statistics. Get your family the knowledge they need to survive.

Why You Should Keep Self Defense Basic

Instead of settling for self defense videos that try and make a simple art as difficult as a rocket science exam in Latin, spend your money on something that cuts through all the misinformation and contradictory advice you hear from so-called martial arts experts. If you need a video to protect yourself then chances are you are a novice. You would think that these companies would take this into account and release something that is relevant to the newcomer. Instead, you see a rash of videos that show hundreds of moves and complex combinations which confuse and frustrate the trainee who quits. This is because such businesses don’t care about results, all they want is your money,

Three Ways to Improve Your Physique With Self Defense Training

What if someone told you that you could learn how to defend yourself from street attacks while also improving your strength, flexibility and stamina? Well this is possible through martial arts self defense which can do all of this and pull you away from the fear that currently consumes everyone who doesn’t know how to stand up for themselves. Knowing how to defend yourself is an amazing feeling and the benefits of self defense training should not have to be sold to anyone. Yet there are people who always make excuses ranging from not enough time to it’s too hard to it’s too expensive. Make excuses all you want but don’t come crying when you get beaten up. Smart people will grasp the opportunity to be tougher than they ever dreamed possible.

Why Self Defense Videos Should Teach the Importance of Avoiding an Attack

When you elect to learn martial arts in the hope that you will be able to avoid being another statistic, you may only be thinking about the immediate fight. Perhaps you would be better served by thinking about the stages that lead up to physical confrontation. This is also a good way to find out if self defense videos are useful or not. Any production that focuses solely on the attack situation is not worth purchasing as clearly the people behind the video have not thought deeply enough about the whole attack arena. Self defense should only ever be used as a last resort and violence can be avoided in any one of the stages that leads up to the first blow being thrown.

Replace Fear With Knowledge of Martial Arts Styles

A combination of fear and ignorance is what keeps people away from checking out martial arts styles. This is a strange choice seeing as they are picking a different kind of fear as an alternative. The ‘fear’ they feel from attempting to learn martial arts is based on the fact that they are scared to invest time and money in something they think will not work. The ‘fear’ they have because they cannot walk the streets seems to be OK however. If you could overcome this thought process and looked for a self defense DVD that showed you the merits of certain styles in street fighting situations you may change your attitude.

Why a Self Defense Video Is Superior to Training Classes

If you have been smart enough to realize that there is no escaping the necessity for self defense, you will be faced with something of a dilemma. You may be hounded by advertising people extolling the virtues of the latest self defense video. This in turn will be countered by those who believe that there is nothing better than a learning your skills at a teaching school surrounded by an expert instructor and your fellow beginners. So which is the best option for you? The only thing more important than making the decision to learn martial arts is to have fun while you’re doing it.

Why Basic Martial Arts Moves Should Be Part of Your Self Defence Program

It is hard to find someone who can utilize martial arts moves effectively in a street fight or so the story goes. In actual fact, it is a myth to suggest that martial arts cannot be used properly in a street attack situation. Like everything else in life, there are good and bad aspects to king-fu, karate and so on just like there are maneuvers that are not suited for an attack by a thug. If you think that an experienced martial artist is not tough, then you will be in for a shock if you decided to try and assault them. If the advantages of martial arts are used properly you have a serious advantage over your opponent.

Self Defense Techniques, Not Pacifism Are Needed for Survival

Living your life in fear seems preferable to settling the issue by force for some people. While it is understandable that you don’t wish to contribute to the already devastatingly large amount of violence in the world, when someone attacks you they are giving your carte blanche to strike back with a vengeance. If you insist on remaining a pacifist while you and those you love get battered in front of your eyes then by all means continue your peaceful protest. Sensible people know however that there is a time and place for everything and a street fight is not the place to reveal your inner Gandhi.

How Some Self Defence Training Courses Can Steer You in the Wrong Direction

It is arguably worse to involve yourself in a bad self defence training course than it is to stay at home on the sofa. This is because at least when you’re at home and not in training, you are not fooling yourself into thinking that you are tough and capable. When you have learned a host of self defense tactics from a martial arts course or self defense DVD you assume that you are better at fighting than you actually are. Too many of these productions have deeply flawed philosophies which will be brutally exposed when the time comes to test things out. And you better believe that the middle of a violent assault on your person is not the place to find out your techniques stink!

Why Awareness Should Be a Vital Part of Any Self Defense DVD

So what should a good self defense DVD contain? There should certainly be a section that covers all of the basic strikes and kicks. Keeping your attacker at distance is a great way to avoid defeat. It should also teach you how to deal with a thug at close quarters because that is where they feel they are strongest. Finally, if the fight ends up on the floor, you will need to know some grabs and holds that will cause great pain to your assailant.

The Dangers of a False Prophet Self Defense DVD

There are a number of things you could call people who sell a self defense DVD with no actual merit. They are criminals, charlatans, con artists but worst of all, they are endangering people’s very lives with the garbage that they sell. Small, frail housewives all over the country are conned into thinking that they can become an expert in self defense within a few weeks. They eagerly purchase the DVD, practice all the moves religiously and are imbued with a new sense of confidence. They start to take chances they normally wouldn’t and before they know it, find themselves in a situation that their dubious skills couldn’t get them out of.

Survival Food Supplies

Have you been glued to the tv watching reality-based shows like The Colony where they must accumulate survival food supplies or perish? Even in those survival shows such as Man vs Wild and Survivor Man and such, do you see some of that.

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